Delicious and Healthy Instant Food

Use our ready to eat food products and revel in the creative mix of health, tradition, taste and convenience.

Win - Win

Traditional and Tasty

We believe it is paramount to preserve the tradition of a dish. We ensure that each product maintains fidelity to its heritage and exquisite taste.

Innovative Mix

We have married health blissfully with tradition, taste and convenience. We duly pat our back in fashioning the union and creating a win win situation.

Healthy and Convenient

We are unswerving when it comes to delivering hassle free and wholesome solutions. As much as a delicious product, an easy to make and healthy product is enticing too, though we may admonish you for the temptation to indulge !

The Culinary Expert

Padma Vaidyaraman

MD and CEO

Padma Vaidyaraman, a multi-talented and experienced culinary enthusiast, is the driving force behind MUTHU INSTANT FOOD. With decades of cooking expertise, she has created a legacy of flavourful and convenient food products. Padma’s ideologies of simplicity and the holistic approach of “whole is greater than the sum of the parts” underpin her culinary endeavours. Her dishes not only tantalize taste buds but also reflect her commitment to quality and ease.

Beyond her culinary prowess, Padma holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Prior to her cooking ventures, she and her spouse ran a child-care unit, demonstrating their dedication to community welfare. Additionally, Padma’s lineage includes a well-known freedom fighter, adding historical significance to her family background. Her journey inspires both aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts, making her a true culinary icon

The Health Expert

Nirmala Balaji

Director and COO

Dr. Nirmala Balaji, a distinguished family physician with over three decades of experience, is renowned for her advocacy of lifestyle modification and dedication to patient well-being. Graduating with numerous gold medals from the esteemed Government Stanley Medical College, her academic achievements underscore her commitment to excellence.

Now assuming the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the family's food premix preparation venture, Dr.Nirmala Balaji leverages her clinical expertise to spearhead daily operations. With a keen focus on product development, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance, she ensures that each premix formulation is meticulously crafted to meet diverse nutritional needs. Alongside her esteemed CEO mother and brothers, Dr. Nirmala Balaji's leadership promises to deliver products infused with both taste and heritage, poised to make a significant impact on community health and wellness.

At Muthu Instant Food, we endeavor to be refreshing in our vision and approach, to deliver the best to our customers. True innovation is not only about creation but also about preservation and blending them both in a seamless way.

The Multifaceted Expert

Srinivasan Vaidyaraman

Director, CFO and CMO

Srinivasan Vaidyaraman is a multifaceted professional holding degrees in Management, Computer Science and Cost Accounting. He is a national rank holder in Cost Accounting exams, boasts of impressive performances in several reasoning assessments and graduated in CS from the highly reputed UT Austin. He is naturally endowed with exceptional spiritual capabilities. His career spans areas such as AI, Education and Spirituality. Nature and nurture have struck a balance in his qualities which drives him to contribute to the making of a society that is both pragmatic and grounded in moral values.

Srinivasan brings on the experience in his career and his natural proclivities to the current venture. His innovative and inspiring leadership is set to create a market paradigm and make Muthu Instant Food a trailblazer in the field. He aspires to place the company as a model to emulate and get its name etched among the revered in business.

The Marketing Expert

Balaji Natarajan

Vice-President Marketing

Balaji Natarajan, boasts a diverse background in various businesses, ranging from pharmacy retail and medical lab ownership to involvement in finance chit companies and a past partnership in a tool room industry. His expertise in finance and manufacturing processes, coupled with his strategic thinking and innovative marketing approach, positions him as a valuable asset in driving the company's growth and market presence.

In his new capacity, Balaji leverages his proven track record in business management to analyze market trends, identify growth opportunities, and craft effective marketing strategies. With a vision for positioning Muthu Instant Food as an industry leader, Balaji Natarajan is poised to make significant contributions to the company's success in the competitive food processing market.

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